Portable Storage

  • One 20’x8’x8½’ container will (if well packed) hold the contents of a 3 bedroom home.
  • The interior of each HIPPO container, once sealed, becomes a dry environment. This is accomplished by using the fundamental properties of air and humidity combined with the right venting. This enables moist air to be expelled. A slight pressure inside the unit is created preventing outside changes from affecting the stabilized interior environment.
  • Secure your load, the inside of each container is designed with strategically placed tie-off rings every four feet, top and bottom, and in corners.
  • Each of the two doors has an integrated seal which is continuous around each door. When closed the rubber seals overlap creating a moisture and air tight gasket.
  • HIPPO Storage rooms are all made from heavy gauge steel, not plastic like others. The doors are tamper resistant and designed to be secure. No gaps above or on sides of doors exist, unlike our competitors.
  • Beware- plastic topped storage rooms from the competitions, while being transported, catch air and flex creating gaps that allow rain and other elements to enter the room at speeds of 45 miles an hour. If facing forward, while being transported, wind driven rain can enter your room through gaps in mini warehouse style doors.