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Portable Storage

One 20’x8’x8½’ container will (if well packed) hold the contents of a 3 bedroom home.

The interior of each HIPPO container, once sealed, becomes a dry environment. This is accomplished by using the fundamental properties of air and humidity combined with the right venting. This enables moist air to be expelled.A slight pressure inside the unit is created preventing outside changes from affecting the stabilized interior environment.


Secure your load, the inside of each container is designed with strategically placed tie-off rings every four feet, top and bottom, and in corners.

Each of the two doors has an integrated seal which is continuous around each door. When closed the rubber seals overlap creating a moisture and air tight gasket.

HIPPO Moving and Storage containers are all made from heavy gauge steel, not plastic like others. The doors are tamper resistant and designed to be secure. No gaps above or on sides of doors exist, unlike our competitors.

Beware- plastic topped storage containers from the competitions, while being transported, catch air and flex creating gaps that allow rain and other elements to enter the containers at speeds of 45 miles an hour. If facing forward, while being transported, wind driven rain can enter your room through gaps in mini warehouse style doors.


Packing Services Available:

Hourly Rates

2men, 28ft truck -$150

3 men, 28ft truck $195

Packing Supplies Available:

Cardboard Boxes

(Sm, Med, Lrg, X-Large, & Wardrobe)

Packing Tape & Dispensers

Bubble Wrap

Foam Peanuts

News Print

Dish Packing Kits

Mattress Pads

Chair & Sofa Covers

Moving Blankets

Long Distance Move

Georgia to South Carolina or Georgia to Washington state. HIPPO Moving and Storage can give you a “full service” move or simply provide transportation for your goods. We can accommodate varying budgets!

DIY (Do It Yourself) Move

DIY moves are becoming increasingly popular in place of the standard military move (or any relocation with a government job). Instead of the government contracted company doing it all, DIY moves give you the advantage of doing things cheaper and potentially making a bit of extra money at the end of your move. HIPPO Moving and Storage is able to provide weight tickets for empty and final weights. We also offer a wide variety of boxes and packing materials at both of our locations for your convenience!

Now Offering Box Rentals!

Say “Goodbye!” to cardboard and rent our reusable eco-friendly boxes. Our boxes have been designed to effortlessly stack when packed and closed. They are equipped with ergonomic handles to make lifting safer and easier. Toss the tape too! The interlocking lid secures your belongings without any hassle.

All rentals start at 1 month but can easily be adjusted should you require more time.

We can even deliver our rental boxes to your home or office and pick them up when you are finished moving.

Packing Service

Packing your home yourself can be a daunting task. Since Americans seem to work longer hours; having enough time to properly pack your house and know exactly what you need can be tough. HIPPO Moving and Storage offers a “pay for what you need” box delivery. No running back and forth for boxes saves you time and money. We also offer a flat rate quote for labor if you need us to pack your house up for you.

Hourly Labor Services

HIPPO Moving and Storage employs the most experienced movers in the industry. Our movers work hard to wrap and move all of your items to make sure your treasures are moved safely and in a timely manner. We can help in any capacity that you require, even if you just need a few items moved from one room in your home or business to another.

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